(Don’t) Guess My Race

Trumping The Race Card (TTRC) is proud to support the partnership between The Learner’s Group and Interactive Diversity Solutions in offering you this opportunity to experience (Don’t) Guess My Race. As author Rodney Patterson shared in his Ten Strategies to Trump the Race Card – this game is an excellent catalyst for opening the dialogue about race. Developers, anthropologist Michael Baran, and software game developer, Michael Handelman, have infused the game with interesting facts about race to provide an educational component that may challenge and enlighten you.

(Don’t) Guess My Race is a one-of-a-kind interactive diversity program based on social science research that logo_768x1024_trans-1promotes cultural understanding and reduces bias in the workplace.


Enhances insight into cultural construction of identity.

Develops critical perspective on diversity issues.

Increases employee retention and productivity.

Stimulates productive discussions about difficult issues.

Improves working relationships.

           Your chance to try (Don’t) Guess My Race is one click away.

After you experience (Don’t) Guess My Race we invite you to return to our site and complete the contact us information if you, your school, firm or organization are interested in offering the (Don’t) Guess My Race game as part of a classroom, training, or workshop experience.