Trumping the Race Card the Workshop Experience is designed for participants to courageously explores and discusses what many companies and institutions have chosen to ignore. Media has inundated the populous with a plethora of headline stories about race and racism, reminding us that we have not obtained the dream of living in a port-racial society. While much progress has occurred over the last several decades, much more work is sorely needed. Companies like Starbucks and CNN have taken the issue of race head on and Trumping the Race Card provides an effective method for others eager to do just the same.

The Trumping the Race Card Workshop Experience invites attendees to an environment devoid of casting blame, shame and guilt upon the active audience, yet challenging both individuals and collective organization to begin examining their role in the perpetuation of racism. The workshop begins by helping participants envision an ideal state; then encourages them to consider their own socialization process. Next the workshop introduces attendees to the origins of race ideology and the social construction of racism. The latter half of the workshop focuses significant time upon developing solution-based strategies that can transform individuals and organizations.

Participants will leave this workshop with an enhanced understanding of:

  • The reality of interpersonal and institutional racism, oppression and privilege.
  • The impact of racism upon the organization’s entire community.
  • How attitudes towards racial and ethnic differences affect behavior.
  • How to modify behavior to work effectively with racially diverse groups.
  • How to hold “difficult (but meaningful) conversations” about issues of racism.
  • How to become a change agent regarding race issues.
  • Methods for transforming the policies, practices, procedures and principles that result in systemic and sustainable metamorphosis.

The Trumping the Race Card Workshop Experience can occur as follows:

  • 2 hour introduction workshop
  • 3 hour introduction and exploration workshop
  • 4 hour introduction, exploration and solution workshop
  • 7 hour introduction, exploration and strategy development workshop
  • 2 day immersion workshop

Book Signing

Trumping the Race Card Book Signing Experience

The Trumping the Race Card Book Signing Experience is the perfect event for institutions of higher learning, bookstores, art museums, and venues that allow for an interviewer with the ability to interview Mr. Patterson and an audience that can respond to an engaging discussion.

Your audience will enjoy a conversational interview with the author as he shares details behind the writing of Trumping the Race Card, why it was important to him, and what makes it such a relevant piece of literature today. Your audience will be invited to ask questions and share thoughts during the open forum.

Before and afterwards, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase copies of Trumping the Race Card. After the event, attendees will have the opportunity to meet Mr. Patterson personally, when they have their book(s) signed by the author.